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Application Format
How much RP Experience do you have?: {Answer}
What is your Literacy level?: {Illiterate, Medium-Literate, High-Literate, Super-Literate}
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We are a Medium to High-Literate Naruto based role-playing guild with plenty of opportunity to become any kind of shinobi you want to be! We offer a structured environment where you can advance your character from a lowly academy student, to the leader of a village! And don't worry if you're not a great writer, we're willing to help you with that too.


➪ Interesting Stories which allow everyone to make a difference.
➪ Unique systems made for PotS, by PotS, which can only be found in PotS.
➪ A unique jutsu list designed and edited by the PotS members and crew.
➪ The chance to create your very own custom Jutsu, Clans, Bloodlines and more. If you can think it, you can do it!
➪ Plenty of other members that love to RP, Naruto Style!
➪ And a great Crew to keep things fun and exciting!

Guild Basis

Set many years before the events of canon Naruto, this guild is an alternative universe. Shinobi are outcasts in society, looked down upon as killers, rogues, and thieves by the major civilizations. Most ninja are nomads, moving from country to country taking on jobs and trying to evade the militaries of the various daimyos. Others, clans, attempt to fit into society, hiding their skills and becoming close knit communities of their own. But, for the first time, a small group of ninja have decided to settle down and form their own village. A village made by ninja, for ninja, with an organized shinobi system. This village is small now, made up of tents and primitive shelters, but it will grow. The council leaders of the village have dared to dream, that they can bring the village up into a true power, enough to rival the daimyo's own, and take their place in the world. A place where shinobi can come and rest between missions, without looking over their shoulder or fearing an attack. All they need to accomplish that dream now, is you.

Will you be a ninja of the village, and help this cause?
Or will you fight against it, to keep things as they have always been?
Will you fight for the rights of all ninja?
Or simply to expand your own coffers?
Will you be the loyal follower, supporting others from below?
Or will you be the powerful leader, taking your team into battle?

If you think this guild is for you, click the join button above! Simply fill out the format provided and include it in your application to become a new member of PotS. Once you've been accepted, simply check out our Beginners Index to get started!

We'll see you soon inside!