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The Story

After the war between Madara the villages stayed strong to the alliance for the most part but it could only last until new kage's came in. Another war happened twenty years later many clans died out but many survived, and the villages no longer were bound by the treaty the once were in. Each village clings to its self interest but even new villages arise with power such as Amegakure. They just recently became an official village after destroying all Akatsuki affiliations in the village. No one has hear of the Akatsuki since the day they were defeated. They are now just a myth as well as many other ninjas like Naruto and Sasuke.

Arc One: Rising Dawn

The story so far......

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Shukaku: Open

Matabi: Open

Isobu: Open

Son Gokū: Open

Kokuō: Jōki

Saiken: Open

Chōmei: Namara Senju

Gyūki: Yaori Xentama Auremo

Kurama: Akirama Senju



Right thumb: "zero" (零, rei); worn by [Miro Uchiha]. Its colour is purplish-grey.


Right index finger: "blue," "green" (青, ao, shō); worn by [ Takumi Akizuki ]. Its colour is teal.

Right middle finger: "white" (白, bya); worn by [NAME] Its colour is white.

Right ring finger: "vermilion," "scarlet" (朱, shu); worn by [Suigin Hozuki ]. Its colour is red.

Right little finger: "sign of the boar" (亥, gai); worn by [NAME]. Its colour is green.

Left little finger: "sky," "void" (空, kū); worn by [ Hinako Yuki]. Its colour is slate blue.

Left ring finger: "south" (南, nan); worn by [NAME] Its colour is yellow.

Left middle finger: "north" (北, hoku); worn by [NAME]. Its colour is dark green.

Left index finger: "three" (三, san); worn by [NAME]. Its colour is orange.

Left thumb: "jewel," "ball," also the black king in shogi (玉, gyoku); worn by [ Ruka Ranton] Its colour is purple.

Seven Swordsmen of The Hidden Mist

Kubikiribōchō (首斬り包丁; Viz "Executioner's Blade"; Literally meaning "Decapitating Carving Knife" ) - Fukurou Gake
Samehada (鮫肌; Literally meaning "Shark Skin" ) - Keisuke Mimoto
Nuibari (縫い針; Literally meaning "Sewing Needle" ) - Ichima Demaka
Kabutowari (兜割; Literally meaning "Helmet Splitter" ) - Open
Shibuki (飛沫; Literally meaning "Splash" ) - RESERVED
Kiba (牙; Literally meaning "Fangs" ) - Open
Hiramekarei (ヒラメカレイ) It is also called a "Twinsword" - Open

Villages Each village will have a max capacity and will not accept more ninja once the ninja in the villages have been filled the capacity will be raised
(Max 6 genin 2 jonin)
Konohagakure [Village Hidden among Leaves] Village Closed
Sunagakure [Village Hidden among Sand] Open
Iwagakure [Village Hidden among Rocks] Open
Kirigakure [Village Hidden among Mist] Open
Kumogakure [Village Hidden among Clouds] Open


Hokage: Izumo Uchiha

Jonin: Reiko Uzumaki - Akirama Senju
Genin: Izumi Uchiha - Hiro Uchiha - Ainkaku Dravin
Namara Senju - Amaya Rose Hyuga - Reserved

Mizukage: Zhao Chen Yato

Jonin: - Open
Genin- Yatho Fuyu - Open - Open
Open - Open - Open


Tsuchikage: Open

Jonin: Open - Open
Genin- Open - Open - Open
Open - Open - Open


Raikage: Open

Jonin: Yaori Xentama Auremo - Open
Genin- Open - Open - Open
Open - Open - Open


Kazekage: Open

Jonin: Ayame Kazumi - Open
Genin: Open - Open - Open
Open - Open - Open


Amekage: Open

Jonin: Open - Open
Genin: Sangatsu Arashi - Azuka Uzumaki - Saki Mashiiro
Open - Open - Open