Hey to you all!
This is my very first gulid so I'm totally new to this
So anyways,i have a few rules you need to follow
1. There will be no killing off of characters unless it's reasonable but if the person approves that's fine
2. I want decent grammar when people post in the gulid fourms, not to be a grammar nazi, but i want to read proper english most of the time. Also don't type with numbers and symbols that's confusing and very annoying.
3. no weird stuff posted (unless it's funny then I don't care)
4. follow Gaia TOS otherwise you will be kicked out
5. this is a strict Metroid gulid, which means keep things like halo out of the fourms. If you like it that's ok, but don't make ANY comparsions to the two series at least ones that aren't true.
I hope you can enjoy it here. Have fun and don't be shy!