Welcome to Manga Lords!

The official Gaian Guild of Manga Fans!

We are currently under construction and for the time being a request based entry guild but will soon be open to all people. Construction will end when this guild reaches a bank deposit of 1,250,000 of my goal of 5,270,000 I know this is a disappointing amount of money but, based on Mangareader.net, There are 2108 manga series' on their "Popular Manga" list. Each subforum will require 2500 gold. If you have a manga to add, mention the name and I will check to see if its on there! I hope to one day make this a fantastic Home page, but until we reach 1,250,000 I will not make this guild open to the public.

Note A minimum of 1000 gold per member is required within 5 days of joining.

Note For Manga additions all people who wish it to be added must come up with at least 2000 gold. The guild will produce the Rest.

Note For questions, concerns, or if you think you're management material, then please feel free to email me.