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● This guild is based off the Manga and Anime series Katekyō Hitman Reborn! We are proud to welcome you to our roleplay guild. This is an friendly community you can benefit your roleplaying skills and enjoy the world of Mafia. All credit is given to the author, Akira Amano, for his work.

● The natural powers of the Dying Will Flames, flame which come from the Resolve or Dying Will of people that is bestowed upon the precious. Those who possess these flames carry an hidden power known as Wave Energy. It is the wave of life-force that flows through the human body. In lore, these flames are said to have made up the Earth before the civilization of humans. The Dying Will Flames Of The Sky, for example, represents the the seven phenomena in the sky. There are many different flames other than the Dying Will Flames Of The Sky such as the Dying Will Flames Of The Earth, in which represents the seven phenomena on Earth. Rings, a mysterious item, were created to convert the Wave Energy in order of igniting the flames within that person. They are widely known throughout the world of Mafia. There are many assets of rings such as the powerful Tri-Ni-Set, wielded by the Vongola, Millefiore, and The World Selective Strongest known as the Arcobaleno.

The Vongola became victorious during the Curse Of The Rainbow Battle and defeated the mysterious Arcobaleno with the clear pacifier. They found a man named, Checker Face, only to find that it was an old acquaintance from the future, Kawahira. His flame was truly remarkable, overwhelming everyone in the process. The Arcobaleno were originally meant to be killed in order of protecting the Tri-Ni-Set. However, Talbot, the elder mechanic of the Vongola, proposed another and much safer way to protect the Tri-ni-set without having to sacrifice Arcobaleno. He created special jars that able to contain Seven Flames of the Sky, using Bermuda's Flame of Night within the jar to accelerate the flames to provide enough power to replace the Arcobaleno Pacifiers. After learning that the Arcobaleno were no longer needed to protect the Tri-Ni-Set, Kawahira removes the Arcobaleno curse and leaves the Pacifier Jar in the care of the Vindice.

After the Arcobaleno Curse Conflict, Tsuna immediately states he doesn't want to become a Mafia boss. Hearing this answer, Reborn leaves, saying that he no longer has any business with him. Reborn then took his departure to only return within a week. Tsuna realized that he still lives his 'No-Good' life, frustrating him. He is soon shocked by Reborn's return who declares he will make him the Neo Vongola Primo, which similar as being Vongola Decimo and already has the ninth's permission and has invited his friends to celebrate his tutelage. Reborn reveals that even though it's not much, something did change from before, making Tsuna realized that unlike before, he now has friends that he could rely on when necessary. As they goes to where his friends is, Tsuna thinks how his life has changed completely to better, and all thanks to the arrival of his tutor and partner, Home Tutor Hitman, Reborn. Now, the next generations in line has come. Who side will you join?



✔ No Godmodding
✔ Keep cussing to a minimum
✔ Keep it PG-13.
✔ Follow all of Gaia's rules
✔ No T3XT T@LK
✔ Please post your character's pic at least on in the forum they are in (preferably in each post)
✔ No killing character unless you have their permission
✔ Be at least semi-literate please (try to have good grammar). RPing is usually in past tense and in third person (not first!)
✔ Use "Blah. Blah. Blah.", when talking.
✔ DON'T MAKE ANY NEW FORUMS; send the moderators your suggestion and we will discuss over it.
✔ Please be active, and don't log off in the middle of a conversation; let the person know if you have to get off
✔ You may not use a picture or a name for a character if it is already taken by someone else on the guild.
✔ No inappropriate behavior
✔ Please don't ignore a post if they are directly talking to your character (its just plan mean)
✔ Now go have some FUN! :3


Roleplay Sample: (Be semi-literate. At least one paragraph or more.)
Activity?: (Please be active!)
Reason To Join: (Tell us why you joined our guild?)

[b]Roleplay Sample:[/b] (Be semi-literate. At least one paragraph or more.)
[b]Activity?:[/b] (Please be active!)
[b]Reason To Join:[/b] (Tell us why you joined our guild?)