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Romans 8:19 says:
"Creation Waits with eager anticipation for the sons and daughters of God to be revealed."

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Jesus is Here for us.

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This Guild is going to house two groups of people:
1) Christian guild Captains known as the:
“League of Christian Guilds”

2) Will be any Christian that you like to join and hang out with all us old people jk lol

The rules are the same in my guild as they are here:

Rules of the Guild:

ia: No Swearing at all! This is in Sig's and posting.
ib: Profile's do not belong to the guild
ic: Basically keep everything PG rated within this guild.

iia: No Fighting! At all!
iib: You have a matter bring it up to me and the VC's that are in charge at that moment and time.

iiia: All VC's are Captains in training.
iiib: Therefore they are to be treated as Cap's
iiic: In this acknowledgment all VC"s must come up with ideas to better the guild and to further the message of truth in Christ our Lord.

iva: Being active:
ivb: If not active for the amount of time to lose a guild you will be demoted from placement. (Crew and below= 6months)
ivc: If active as a VC the amount of time allowed is two weeks.

If you have any concerns or matters please address me either by pm or email @

Other then that I hope that you find a true relationship with God through Jesus over the bull of religion say so.

Advertise your guild here please:

God's Warriors:

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