You wash upon the shores of this mysterious island, you do not know why you are here nor how you came to be here. All you know is that here, time is nothing but illusion. Creatures and people from all times have washed upon these, just like you and made this island home

We call this the Island of Lithe

Will you solve the riddle of how you came to be here, or will the island enshroud you in fog and mystery.

Come, walk with us, find your peace... or your hell

Welcome to Lithe

Basic Rules:
Must know before sending in a join request

♦ Must be able to receive PM's from the crew/captains
♦ Must read announcements
♦ Semi-Literate and above ONLY
♦ NO one-liners (some exceptions made)
♦ All posts must be in Past -Tense 3rd Person
♦ Rules are Subject to change and you must follow all changes

Before Requesting to join make sure you include:
How you found the guild:
Will you actually post? (If so, how literate are you?):
Example of Role-play:
Can you make guild banners?: (if yes, do they move?)
Anything else you want to tell us: