AH-HAR!!!! Welcome, Ye Dogs an Lassies aboard da H.M.S. Jade’s Car-nar!!!!!Ah-ha-HAR!


The Guild of Riddles!

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Join us as we search the world for the most elusive prey of all… the ultimate riddle. Everyone knows that riddles entice. From early in life on we pounce on them, devour them, and look for more. And the Guild of Riddles is where we go to share our finds.

Everyone is invited along for the ride.

You don’t role-play, that’s fine. It really isn’t mandatory. What is needed here is a love of presenting conundrums and twisty puzzles. And the truth is, we love them all. Be they simple and sweet or hard and devious, we really want to see them, so if you have one to share, hop on board and give us a peek. If you like what you see, then stay for the cruise.

So without further ado... Welcome aboard, me hearties!

A short road map to the guild's sub forums

There are several, three of which contain collections of past riddles.

The main forum is where unsolved riddles go; if you would like to pose one, or find one to solve, here's your first port of call.

Lyssans Trunk of Many Topics is where you should go for general discussions, displayed art, and random silliness.

HMS Jade’s Corner is a madcap romp upon the high seas... this is non-serious role-playing at it's best and tons of fun at it's worse. Join us on a journey across the world and hopefully we'll get you to your destination with all your limbs attached.

There are three sub-forum dedicated to our archived riddles, riddles which have been solved. Some of the solutions (or should I say the paths to those solutions) have been decidedly funny. You may wish to check them out. They are Easy Riddles, Not-so-easy riddles , and Rebuses, Pictograms, etc....

So you think you want to join… what now?

Well it is really very easy, for you see everyone is invited. All we ask is that you help us in our search. Submit a riddle for membership in the main forum and click on the join guild button on the top of this page. Just remember this, while solving riddles is our main goal, a great deal of silliness takes place as we do it. It’s not required, but I ask only that you not be offended by some of our irrationalities.

There is no cost for membership. We have all the cash we need in our guild account; this money can only be used to buy subforums for the forseeable future.

If you wish to support the guild with a monetary donation send it in the form of a trade to our GUILD MULE and we will use it to buy prizes for guild contests and such. Thank you in advance for all your support!