Welcome to Free Item Archive the guild.
Please read all of the text below before sending join request!
Remember: There is a fee to join. It is explained why below.

Although it may not have much now, everyone is working hard to polish the contents and add much more! Stay tuned for new content.

What are we?
The Free Item Archive (FIA) is a guild formed around the desire to obtain the "free" items given out by Gaia staff through sponsorships, quests, general freebies, events, etc. Because it is a member run guild, we are always looking out for active members to help track down new or even old freebies to be added to our ever growing archive. Our goal here at FIA is to help members achieve all the items available to them that are not purchased initially with gold or Gaia Cash.

What kind of offers do you list?
We aim to keep track of all the "freebie" items given out on the site. This includes, but is not limited to: sponsorship items, quest items, and event items. Archives for past items (dating back to 2003) are being developed for member reference. Additional archives and lists will be formed as needed.

What won't you find in this guild?
We are not a charity therefore we do not give out free items. We simply help you get free items from around the site with handy dandy guides and archives. We do, however, plan to run contests with items as prizes. More information on this development will be available later.

How can I become a member of FIA?
When sending us a join request remember that members who can use proper punctuation, spelling, and a good grasp upon grammar are always welcomed! It is not a requirement, simply a request that we have members who can make themselves understood to avoid trouble. Someone will either accept or decline your offer for several reasons. If you feel you are absolutely destined to be in this guild but you are turned down, please feel free to contact Leitis to argue your case. If you are turned down, please don't be afraid to try again later on.

You have 1,500g fee?! Why?
The fee was put in place to ensure that those who request to join are serious about wanting to join. Originally, we had no fee but required users to fill out a form or they were declined without any chance of being invited to join. Now, as long as you pay the fee, you may join. Although the fee may seem steep, especially to newer users, a typical round of Booty Grab will garner you at least 500g (although, it is typically more). In three minutes you could earn the fee price. Not bad, no?

The reason behind the fee is simple. We are beginning to rely upon sending announcements out to our members about updates in the guild. Primarily, when we update the Archive with a new item offer. However, we do notify members of important information regarding items and/or update our members on situations that are occurring. The increased reliance upon announcements to keep our members up to date requires gold as each time an announcement is sent out, a fee is deducted from the Guild funds. The amount of gold it costs per announcement relies upon how many members are present in the guild. More members means an increased fee to use the announcement feature. Since announcements are meant to be a convenience to you, our member, we only ask that you pay a one time fee to keep this convenience going. It helps to keep you informed about new offers without you having to constantly check to see if our guild was update.

Wasn't there already a thread for this?
You're right, there was! We felt it wasn't being updated enough and wanted to keep it going. You might be surprised to learn that the last Free Item Archive was a remake of another Free Item Archive. We are keeping that chain alive.

I was banned and cannot see the rules to figure out what I did wrong, what can I do?
You should always receive a warning before you are banned. Know and understand this before chatting in the guild. If you are banned without warning, it was most likely an error on a Crew member's part. If you feel your ban was unjustified, please contact Leitis. Do not contact Crew members about bans or harass anyone within the guild about being banned. Please only contact the Captain or Vice-Captain about this matter.

If you received a warning, it might be because of one or several reasons explicated stated in the warning given to you. If they failed explain the reason behind your warning, politely ask them. If, for any reason, a Crew member refuses to give a reason behind a warning, contact the Captain or Vice-Captain.

Remember to read all of the guild's rules and follow them.

So, what are you waiting for? Join us!