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Congratulations to our banner contest winner sambart. Great job everyone!


First off, welcome to the Final Fantasy Addicts Anonymous Guild, known in short as the FFAA. This is the guild for anyone who is addicted to Final Fantasy. Obsessions over Kingdom Hearts, as well as any Square Enix games, are also welcome. Though our base is as a chat guild, you will find a multitude of RP threads where you can act out your favorite characters!

This guild was originally created back in November of 2004. After a while this guild basically hit a wall and disbanded except for a few members. However, the guild was then revamped into its current state by Kai_2/Trey_Alvari. It was then passed on to _-0--Hikari--0-_ in July of 2005, and she took care of it for about a year before chaos.ultima.mage was made captain on September 8th, 2006. He then handed it over to me, Ravenwolf, on August 10, 2009. I hope to be able to help everyone out on here!

We offer many thing to Final Fantasy Addicts...

Final Fantasy Chat
Q&A and Game Help
Regular Chat
And more!

Have an idea? PM any of the dedicated crew on FFAA!

To apply, use the button on this page! To join, tell us why exactly you are a Final Fantasy Addict. We want to hear why you love the games so much, or perhaps some things you do in real life to show your enthusiasm. We do not want to hear you just say "I like it" and try not to beg with the words "please let me join"; we know what we're looking for. Literacy is more than welcome. smile