Welcome to Fangs and Claws, a guild full of roleplays (or in the works roleplays) that have to do with many different creatures. There are possibilities of roleplaying in Wolf's Rain, Inuyasha, The Pride (a lion roleplay), Werewolf Rising(a lycan/werewolf roleplay), Kitsune Nation(a kitsune/fox demon roleplay), and much more. There's even a place for you to create your own roleplays, and if they're good enough, you could even have a regular forum for it.

--- Some benefits ----
~Guild staff ask opinions of members before making decisions that would affect members.
~A lot of opportunities to rp
~Friendly staff that listen.

Basic Rules
~ Fill out application form below
~ Average rating here is PG13, keep it that way.
~ Gaia Terms/Conditions Apply.
~ There are more rules inside the guild; read & follow them all.

Please put this in your request to join. (fill it out, of course)

Gaia username:
How you will benefit the guild:
How active you will tend to be:
Role-play sample: (not short & not lengthy, just how you roleplay averagely)