Due to bannings of our administrators, the first Extended Discussion Encyclopedia (which can be found here) is out of comission.

Rules n' Stuff
1. Don't intentionally harass, instigate, or sabotage. Thanks.

2. Please don't bother donating to the guild fund, unless it's below 5k.

3. Follow the ToS. If you haven't read it recently, there have been some updates, namely on what we are and are not allowed to discuss. The management of this guild has no problem if you want to discuss the rules, or make available offsite locations to conduct debates (disallowed or otherwise), but understand that while we're using Gaia, we'll be following Gaia's rules.

4. Debates are now permitted, in the appropriate forum. However, keep in mind that we were conceived as a resource guild- we'd still like contributions to that effect.

5. Check out the Table of Contents sticky in each forum- it'll show you what we we have, what we need people to write, and what's coming soon. You can volunteer to write a thread on a needed topic, or suggest topics not listed.

6. Type out your words. We're fairly lenient on grammar and spelling, but if you're not willing to put two extra letters into the word 'you', you'd probably be happier somewhere else.

An easy-to-use, user-constructed compilation of all the things you need to know about the ED and informal debate as a whole, including a list of fallacies and basic introductions to logic, a brief citation seminar, various links, and a directory of notable threads. Anyone can join- we especially encourage users who are new to the Extended Discussion. Everyone is welcome to provide insight and contribute to the content.

This is not the place to patronize newer users, act out conflicts, or exercise elitism. This is not an exclusive hangout for regulars. We're here to exchange what we know for the benefit of one another, and to debate in a less trolly environment. If you receive an invite, it's because someone noticed you in the ED, or thought you would be interested in debate- not because someone thought your skills were lacking. We're not a 'teaching' guild, and we won't put you into a role based on your experience or your participation.

We currently have: a growing directory of fallacies, a research loan program, a recreational forum (like the Chatterbox, but cleaner), a debate forum, and many other features.

To join, send a request detailing briefly why you'd like to join. Length doesn't matter either way ("I'm interested in the ED" is good enough), but appropriate grammar and spelling is preferable. We'll accept anyone, provided you have an interest.