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Welcome to the Doomishly Fun Guild of Variety, Randomness and Muffinosity! (Formerly known as the Doomishly Fun Guild of Variety and Randomness and Muffinosity)
+10 points if you found out what changed.
We don't know how to abbreviate that, so abbreviate it however you wish.

We're a non-profit guild here for people to express their inner random selves!

We endorse freedom of speech, encourage literacy, and want YOU to be completely off your rocker!

Not just that, but we also want to help; it isn't just randomness, there's the word "VARIETY" in our header, too.
In other words, if there's something you want to discuss with people in a fairly tight-knit community, have someone to turn to if you need a shoulder to cry on, maybe even in the event that you require advice, there should be someone here. Like me! Your guildmaster!

Here, you can discuss games, music, television, internet memes, anything! (Especially randomness, dearies!)

Be warned, though; we will not tolerate intolerance of other people's races/religions/orientation.
I think it's safe to say we don't care if you're a Japanese, homosexual Flying Spaghetti Monster worshiper. You're cool with us.
Our only request is that no one makes anyone else uncomfortable by constantly trying to influence or change another person's beliefs.

Other than that (and the other rules within the guild), have a blast!

This is your Co-Captain Melody Hikari speaking. Those of you who are sending us join requests, PLEASE add some more details about why you want to join. It doesn't have to be English, though be warned that your mods are not proficient in any other languages (Though I am learning Spanish)
-If you heard about the guild from someone, mention their name.
-If you were previously a member, please include that and why you want to rejoin.
-If neither of the above, then please tell us how you found out about us! We'd love to have our ego stroked and be told that you guys found us and thought we were awesome. |D

Another thing. If you are accepted into the guild, PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF RA, PLEASE POST IN THE NEW MEMBERS THREAD WITHIN A WEEK OF ACCEPTANCE! We don't like inactive people who never visit, and I've been going through and deleting a lot of zero-post members from the guild! I WENT THROUGH THREE PAGES YESTERDAY. vein So to help keep us sane, and any future mods that are going to help us clean, please post as soon as you receive acceptance.
Then you can rot your acceptance away for awhile until the next cleaning. =D
Also please read the rules. It's important to keep yourself from being banned, though we WILL do our best to not only prevent that from happening, but if it must happen, to include a reason why.

That is all. Goodbye and thanks for all the fish.

(Pictures copyright whoever. Though, for the record, I took the picture of the pound cake and cookies. So that's copyright me, damnit! ME!)