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xxxWe're a little hangout guild that talks about everything in general, from life issues to stupid comments about your dog. We don't really focus on one thing, we focus on everything there is existent, to a certain extent. Brag about your puberty (though it isn't reccommended), or start a little Dream Avatar Quest thread, we'll enjoy the conversations (Or, most of them.)
xxx We don't have much requirements to join the guild, but our main requirement is that you MUST be Strange and Different.
xxx Now, you may be thinking, "How am I strange or different?" Well, think of how you stand out from your friends. Think of what makes you different. Is it the way you dress? The weird taste you have for music? Your ability to do things other people cannot do? You're a super-smart-weird-girl-that-eats-white-rice-everyday-and-can-read-others-auras? (**Note: These are examples, so you're not limited to these examples.**)
So, Are you one of us?
xxx If you truly think you meet these expectations and wish to join, by all means, join! BUT. You must fill this form out. (Aww!) When you try to join, put this form in your reason why you wish to join. We (our mods) will look over it, and see if you do qualify.


Code word?: (Found in Homepage)

How are you different?: (1-5 reasons why are acceptable. Just make it brief!)

Thank you!

xxx Rules
You were too exited, you probably forgot Rules existed.

ALWAYS follow Gaia's TOS (Terms of Service)
• Fighting is NOT permitted. You guys aren't babies, are ya?
• Keep it PG-13. We aren't perverts. (Well, most of us... OKAY, SOME of us.)
No begging. It's annoying! Go booty grab and zOMG! yourself out.
• Scamming PROHIBITED.
• We are spam-free. Let's keep it spam-free. If you do post a thread, post it for a meaning.
We don't want "adfajks;dgklsdfa" (aka, "rubbish." ) all over the threads and fourms.
Don't piss off the mods.
• You only get one warning, don't waste it.
• Rules may be changed and/or added to at any times, so be sure to read our rules frequently.

Oh, we almost forgot! Your code word?
Right here! (Highlight under this sentence)
Fishified is a funny word!