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Cullens Haven is for twilight lovers yes we role play and we may have a few contests but please dont post your character bio as your join request i do admit im a little lazy when it comes to typing so rules of the rp are posted at the beginning of each rp were you must follow all rules or you will be booted these are mainly for orignal characters but you can request to make a book charecter rp please alow orignal charecters too and yes the guild is still under construction its a baby respect the baby and pm me all your input or post it in the discuss things topic please be respectful!!!! oh and for future reference .... jacob is a shape shifter its plain as day in breaking dawn!!!!!!

We are Twilight lovers! We RP, we love to be.... ourselves!
In your join request please include one or more of the following

Who's your favorite twilight person?
Why are they your favorite?
What car did Alice steel in new moon?
How many of the books have you read?