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This is a Supernatural Creature based RP guild. The main focus of the guild is a group of supernatural creatures working towards the balance of humans and the supernatural, and protecting them from each other.

Creature types will be restricted and will need approval.

Some rules/superstitions/etc may be change for game mechanic, player or storyline needs.

Most importantly... Have fun!

Now down to the storyline....

The year is 2040. The Church has been keeping the balance between humans and the supernatural for over 2000 years. As a new or existing hunter your job is to maintain that balance and protect the two from destroying each other all the while keeping humans unaware that the supernatural exist.
The Church is broken down into teams by skill sets for negotiating and situation handling purposes.

When applying for the guild, please send either the Captain, or Vice Captain, a sample of your role playing.

Much Love,