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A robotic girl, her monochromatic attire standing out against the cobblestone, slowly made her way to her trusted friend's door step. At first it sounded as if her gears could be heard turning from blocks away, but it was quick to notice the mechanical dog at her side was the one making the noise bounce off the buildings. With a determined but cautious walk,she made her way through the streets that were unfamiliar to her, Durem. She raised her right hand to knock of her friend's door when she heard her friends voice booming from the north side of town. As soon as she did, she turned on her heel and headed briskly towards the sound.

"The time to help is now. Don't you all remember our pain, our suffering, our struggle? Well the Mechanical Children are facing that now, and they need our help."

"But what does this have anything to do with us?", a stuffy Victorian vampire asked pompously.

By this time, PQ reached the crowd, the static of her face tinged with a red that matched Durem's flag. Willamena stood on the steps of the Cathedral, a mixed group of Duremites at her feet. The cyborg quickly realized the majority of them were vampires. Standing only on the fringe of the crowd, she addressed the vampire with a shaking voice. Whether it was with sadness or anger, even she did not know. "What does it have to do with you? You are a Gaian right, or am I assuming wrong? I thought that Gaia was supposed to be a place for equality, but all my people are faced with is being used as servants, or having sanctions placed on where they can and can not go. As formerly human, I can say that that isn't the way it should be for anyone."

Seeing that her friend was upset, Willamena went to join her friends side, her eyes never leaving the vampire who had spoken up.

"It's your choice Fredrick, you don't have to join us, but you may be seen differently by those who move forward in their thinking." She gave her best glare and turned to the rest of the crowd, and without warning she grabs PQ's hand and raises them both her own and PQ's hand high.

"So make your choice, join the revolution, help unite the Mechanical Children and us, the Vampires. Don't be afraid of the future, we all will be here to share it anyway."


This guild was made by Willamana and PQ and Retrostacja, a vampire and cyborg on Gaia who are striving for an alliance between the two immortal races of Gaia. There is a mixture of things to do, ranging from roleplaying to Gaian politics. Blood and Binary is a predominantly Gaia Roleplaying guild.