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As far as they knew, Humanity was alone in the universe. That was until December 21, 2012...

On that day, as oracled by the ancient Mayans, a pair of asteroids appeared out of no where in Earth's orbit. Each asteroid carried on it the remnants of two identical, yet different civilizations carried there by unknown forces from their own universes that had ceased to exist. The two civilizations were biologically identical, but their culture and attitude were nearly opposites. One was the remnants of a vast tyrannical space empire, while the other was the new home of a dramatically more peaceful race. The two civilizations were both known as Trolls, and a peace treaty was quickly struck up between both groups of aliens and the native humans.

It had been determined that it served all three better for there not to be wars over the limited resources available. With the aggressive Trolls advanced space travel technology, it soon became possible for humans, as well as Trolls from either asteroid, to colonize the other planets in the system. So it has been for two hundred years. But now, the end of the world is nigh, as is the destiny of all intelligent races, this universes session of Skaia has been initiated. We join the group upon the final member of the party's entrance into the Medium, thus escaping the hail of meteors assailing the planet.