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It's just a normal day like always, when something strange happens. As you're just going about your regular day, an envelope mysteriously flutters down and lands in front of you. It appears to be just a normal envelope with your name written on it, you inspect it, but nothing seems weird about it, besides the fact it mysteriously appeared in front of you. Shrugging your shoulders, you flip the envelope around and open it up, inside is a letter. Deciding to humor yourself more, you read it.

'Dear potential student,

We are aware of the special talents you possess whether you yourself have discovered them yourself or not, we know you have potential to be something amazing. So upon sending you this letter it has been determined that you are worthy of attending our school for gifted students such as yourself, as a way to let your true self shine without the fear of being judged by society. There will be other students just like you and teachers that can help you with your abilities. Whether or not you choose to accept out invitation or not is up to you, but think of the possibilities.'

On the back of the letter you notice there is a list of supplies and an address. You set the letter down and begin to think it over, what if it's some sort of scam just to get your parent's money, or what if... just what if... it's telling the truth.

As the letter says, the choice to accept the offer or not is completely yours.


1. When Joining the guild, please state why you would like to join the guild and if you will be active.

2. After you have been accepted into the guild, please go read the rules!

3. Have fun roleplaying!