I've had this guild a year now! Hooray! I've put lots of time and gold into it, makes this my best guild!

A role play guild that requires the agreement to actually role play and post. There are some general rules to this guild though

1. Please no god modding I know I have this posted in most of the Role play rules but it's a problem. And if someone is god modding then remind them or message me to review if you're not sure.

2. Don't judge. This one is pretty self explanatory. We're all mad in our own way so please be accepting to all forms of insanity

3. Correct spelling* now this one there can be a few exceptions. For instance if your not sure how to spell something long and complicated you don't have to go look it up. I mostly mean no chat speak or text speak

Ex. hve u seen teh latest chpt?
please stuff like that is annoying

4. Remember to post! don't leave your role play partners hanging! remember to keep going! especially if your in an Akatsuki role play after all you go out in twos and one of you can't just disappear into thin air.

To join please fill out this form
1. Favorite Color
2. Favorite Akatsuki Member(to be used in a popularity contest later)
4. Essay question; What is your Zombie survival strategy?
(Essay can be of any length it is a test of your literacy and if your answer is any good, meaning if it's actually a good plan then it will be displayed for others to learn from.*note; Grammar and Punctuation requirements are the bare minimum.)

Ex; Color:Red
Akatsuki Member: Kakuzu
Essay: I would gather any blunt objects or projectiles but not enough to weigh me down. Run to my school and put the entirety of it on Bomb lock down. Every so often I would run to the Fred Meyers up the street for food, shoes and clothes and the armory down the way for ammunition and weapons. Hold down and kill anything living or dead unless there's a damn good reason for otherwise.