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im tried of seeing stupid threads asking if we will use the weapons on our avi's or why rings? and bla bla.......let me tell you what the battle system will be like sence you guys odviously never read anything...

1. No we wont be using the weapons on our Avi's

2. We will be using a "ring" system

3. The "rings" give you a fighting style like a pirate or a ninja Skills

4. These Styles will probably give you weapons for that particular class "like ninjas will use katanas and kunai, and pirates will use guns a rapiers"

I hope this clears up somethings for you people 3nodding

EDIT- #4 is slightly wrong sweatdrop , my mistake......the rings don't give you styles they give you skills, skills that involve attacks and magics that are related to a class like a pirate or ninja "so basicly if you use rings that are related to a ninja you can attack using kunai and also have magics like invisiblity"

and also my facts are based of the Battle Suggestion Thread, for those who never read this thread i suggest you do
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How is it that you know this?
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three and four are pure speculation, but one and two seem to be the truth of the matter.
I know all this.
But still, I prefer using actual items from our avvies.
That would make fighting more customized.
And more cool..;]
three and four are pure speculation, but one and two seem to be the truth of the matter.
They said rings would let you should fire balls, heal, ect.
    Yes, shoot fireballs and what not.
    Not make you a ninja.
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That 4th point is purely speculation. How do you know this? Why would you list it when you even used the word probably in it? It doesn't count as a point when it isn't even confirmed.

You're going to look spiffy, if the battle system comes out and people go "But didn't that user say that we would have particular-class weapons?".
i agree with BlooxEinjeru
our avvi's have weapons as it is so we should be able to use 'em
the rings should be a cool add on for weaponry
Well, since the weapons most of us gaians have are monthly collectibles and were originally bought with actual money, why can't Gaia make some new weapons used for the battle system and the people who have their monthly collectible weapons can use them to cover the weapon they have equipped from the battle system?

They should also make a weapon store for that also. ;P


But who knows? It's still in development. ;]
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I have no problems using the ring system. Pirates are cool ninja's are better, and if we have Katana's and Kunai I am all for it. People should be open to new Ideas.
i edited the first post for you people stare
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Total rip-off from Growlanser.

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