I was looking at the effects for the rings, and gaia appears to have ripped skills from Ragnarok Online. They've taken Mage's Fire Bolt, Thief (Assassins?) Hide (Cloak?), Acolytes Agility Boost, and Crusader/Lord Knights Defend/Parrying. They sound like exact copys. Does that mean that we're going to be seeing Double Strafe, Magnum Break or even things like Bard songs? If Gaia's going to make the Battle System a complete ripoff, I'm not even going to play it. It'll be just like Ragnarok, except it sucks hard. I've looked at alot of threads in here, and it appears gaian admins used to play RO, but jesus, can't they have some variety? I want this battle system to be unique. Anyways, post your thoughts or don't.