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Would you want to craft these rings instead.. with a high fail rate?

most definitely! 0.40099502487562 40.1% [ 806 ]
you smokin' something? 0.42388059701493 42.4% [ 852 ]
BAWLZ!!! 0.17512437810945 17.5% [ 352 ]
Total Votes:[ 2010 ]
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We're currently focusing on summon rings, however we also have several attack, heal and buff rings which we have yet to release. Here are two examples of such rings (at its rage rank 4 animations)...



Hopefully once flajeu's time is freed up, we could implement these rings into zOMG! If anything, we'll need new rings for the new areas.
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First, 1st post ever. Okay and now onto the topic it self. I'm really excited to experience the new toys and areas that you guy and gals have been working so hard on.
These ring animations are epic.

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heart Very cool.
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New Rings!!!! Hell Yes!
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********. Yes.
Really cool biggrin
I love the second animation
Holy snap I cannot wait O:
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I've already fallen in love with the first ring! DO WANT!!!! User Image
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Amazing! eek
They look awesome. 3nodding
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I ADORE the green one! I can't wait to see how awesome the healing rings are!

      Oh wow, I can't wait. The animations look great, by the way. c:

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