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sorry wrong sudject.
WTF?, how come she wasn't dismissed yet?
Eh... Seriously, how did teachers come up as a discussion in a forum made solely to discuss the battle system? Ah, well...<_<

Wrong forum.

Deal with your teacher.

Take it like a man. mad
rocks are not dumb, people just misunderstand them.

Besides, it is a false story. For one, she wouldn't be a teacher if she didn't know what 2 plus 2 was.

For two, I didn't understand it.

Please, if you wanna tell a lie, then come up with a BETTER STORY!
Is you teacher dumb as rocks. Does he/she all ways saying dumb things at the wrong time and place. Well my teacher does that all the times she thinks shes the best teacher in the world.BUT SHES NOT!!!
This is just I one thing that tells me that she is dumb. This one day I was talking to my friends when class started then she told me a you DUMB its time to get to class! ITS NOT LIKE YOU DONT KNOW WHAT 2 + 2=. So i said what is it. Then she said its 5 no 1 no 4. and I fell on my but crying becuse it was so funny.

Rate your Teacher from 1 to 10 1 being the worst 10 being the best.

Judging from the way you type, she was right.
wait what i dont get it at all!!!!
funny bunny sista mary
wait what i dont get it at all!!!!

So does have of the people here..

Look your teacher is right.

This is spam.

and at least be thankfull that she doesn't eye rape you!

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