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will you celebrate zomgs birthday?

HELLS YEAH! 0.66838487972509 66.8% [ 389 ]
yeah 0.085910652920962 8.6% [ 50 ]
yep 0.080756013745704 8.1% [ 47 ]
no 0.041237113402062 4.1% [ 24 ]
^BLASPHEMER!!!!! 0.12371134020619 12.4% [ 72 ]
Total Votes:[ 582 ]
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Welcome to the central thread for zOMG!'s birthday, which is on october 27th! Here you can sign zOMG's birthday cake, or click some of the links down below to participate in contests, raffles, or just chill and hang out!
Contests and other threads for zOMG's birthday!
-zOMG! Birthday Cake and Raffle
-Happy birthday zOMG!
-zOMG Birthday Celebration: Boss Runs Oct 27th
-(quote me if you have some more!)

The Cakes
Since the cakes i made for [ JK ] were really successful, i figured why not do some for zOMG's birthday on october 27th?

Post here if you would like to sign: just say "I sign!" and then post your message if you would like to add one to the cake :3

KEEP YOUR MESSAGES SHORT- i would like to fit as many as i can on each cake


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ryry Kenny_McGroot ryry's avatar

Perfect Bloodsucker

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I sign!

Afterall, zOMG and I share a birthday... That makes us brothers

Happy birthday, zOMG. Don't die so young!
I sign!

zOMG is awesome, and has been since day one!
Happy Birthday zOMG~!
<3 till the end!
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SIGNED for zOMG's 4th birthday

Edit- Signature: Happy 4th birthday zOMG! You're the reason why I forgot what outside is.

EDIT AGAIN- Oh right, it's the 3rd year @_@
good thing you didn't include that sweatdrop
moranokii's avatar

Thieving Hunter

I sign!
Happy Birthday zOMG!~ We shall always love it :3
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We sign.

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Barton Regular

Happy birthday zOMG! You have taken over my Gaian life in 3 short years... In another 3 you'll have taken over my entire life. And I won't complain heart rofl
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I sign, only on one condition, that the cake has purple icing!!! smile
I SIGN *Signs dramatically*

Ily zOMG! 4laugh
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i sign~
You're getting older, and your condition is going to be more stable as you get wiser 8D why? cuz we all love you

will provide my actual signature after this skype convo.. lol idk when that'll be though xD
-Shiny_Tsukkomi-'s avatar

Perfect Pitcher


Wait, I still need to think of what I want to sign...can I go to sleep first? :c
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I sign 3nodding

You get my tick of approval xd
I sign
I hope it'll go further and have new stuffs in it in future cat_biggrin
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I sign : D
Long live zOMG :3

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