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I'm currently writing my first story to post here on Gaia, now, I'm one of those people who would write and write and WRITE for days. And it's supposed to be a mushy gooey romance friendship thing.

Now, so far it's 2,288 words AND I'm far from finished. Would the arena accept it or I would have to to split it into different parts?

They'll accept it.
I don't recommend entering it into the arena. Things there are rarely read, and none of it is respected as there is more than a fair share of crap down there.

Also, this belongs in the arena sub-forum.
I think if you put alot of work in something dont put on the internet even gaia especially now days there are hackers and people who want new ideas. Just be careful my noval I keep on me at all times cuz if it ever got loss know how much i would have to change the whole story. I sure gaia is a very secure site, but just be careful.
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Matt, I really don't think there's that much to worry about. If someone taking your story becomes a legal issue, there are actually ways to tell who wrote a thing. Some people tend towards specific sentence structures and word usages, so it becomes obvious who wrote it.

It's how they found out Joe Klein when he tried to pass off 'Primary Colors' as something not written by him.

As far as ideas go, if it's your idea, chances are you can write it better. If you can't, then chances are you won't get it published anyhow, so it's once again a (legal) non-issue. I don't care if people want to steal my work. It'll only make then look all the sillier when they finally get caught.
it doesnt matter if the book is long all that matters is that it is interesting, and let me tell u that i would wather read a long story than a short one, but thats jst me, there r a lot of critics out there, so be ready for the greatest bull-shitting of ur life
Good Luck!

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