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Hey there, I'm decided to make a story about home alone. I just have one problem, I need characters! If you have any names or ideas please respond. Anything helps, unless its like ....
Sometimes I put bread in my mouth and pretend I'm a toaster. I honestly don't care what you do on you're free time.

Characters?? Could I know what the plot... or at least what the plot may be... first?? I kinda could build on that and give you ideas. emotion_yatta
Are you talking about a writing fan fiction for Home Alone? Also, like Ali said, a general idea about the plot could help. It's hard to just give character suggestions without knowing what is needed. I'm actually kind of confused how you could not have any characters, but I guess we each plan differently?
Characters are something that you, as the writer, are kind of obligated to come up with yourself. We can throw a few details and minor things around to inspire you but you have to be the one to come up with the actual characters. Otherwise it won't be your character.

Also, characters and the story line go kind of hand in hand. As you make one up, the other naturally starts forming along with it and as you develop both of them, it grows into a full story. Some people start with a character, others with a small idea, but they are virtually blank until you, yourself, develop them into something coherent. If anyone else fills them out for you, well, it's not your work anymore. Actually, it never was.

Did that make sense? I usually have a hard time explaining myself on the internet. sweatdrop

In any case, and like the others have said, we can't help you until we know more about what you want. Of course, by the time you figure that out, you will probably already have some ideas for yourself. If you still need help with minor details, though, I'd be happy to try and throw a few ideas your way. But we need more info!

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