On Clothing:
It's not saving. Reinhart's stuck, but you are still able to try on clothes. So if you wanna try on clothes, that's great, shopping works..but you won't be able to save the changes for now. ^^' You can try maybe in a few hours? In the meantime, maybe go to Gambino, grab a shirt or two, either keep em or sell em and use that to fund more shopping? biggrin

On Hairstyles:
You can buy the hairstyle, and it shows up in your left hand side icon person thingy, but when you try to save, it jams. Hairstyles are buyable right now, but not saving well. This doesn't mean you lose the hairstyle when you logout, so don't worry. ^.~ It'll still be here, just resave clothing and hairstyle options maybe 2, 3 hours from now. If it doesn't work, just try it later.

Best of luck everyone!