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Sara's coaches <3 Michelle Jason

                        Michelle giggled when Jo and Remi both agreed that their coaches weren't all too special. She was more curious now. "They can't be all that bad. Maybe to you two." She shrugged and watched Sara get up and leave. Her attention went back to Jo and Remi. "Yes. What should we do first?"

                        Jason was just throwing away his food when he heard a small squeak "Sara..." He caught her just in time and pushed her back to her feet. "Careful there, clutz." He was caught very much off guard when Sara grabbed his arm and started to lead them out to the festival. "Slow down. You're going to get us both sick if you don't let our food settle." He shot a grin over at Sara.
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                                      Remington listened as Sara said a butterfly would suit him for face paint. He didn't know what to say. What would be right to say to that? Thank you? Was she trolling? Remi sighed. "Little is it the fact that I will have something on my face, screaming freak to the whole world, but I also hate the crusty feeling of paint on my skin." He stated. He glanced over at Jo's almost empty plate and stole a bite of blueberry pancake. Sara went to throw her trash away and had mistakenly tripped into the trash only to be slowly rescued by her male coach. Remington didn't laugh like he thought he would, but was instead worried if she was alright. He glanced over at Jo, who may or may not have missed it. She seemed a little distracted, but that wasn't to weird. He glanced over at the too and Sara was quite resilient. She probably tired to save herself from embarrassment. Rem stood and watched as she ran off. "We... are we suppose to follow her?" Remington asked Jo in wonder. He ran off after her trying to keep up and He was sure Jo was right behind them.

                                      His phone suddenly demanded his attention. When he was now with Sara and Jason he told them to wait a second as he checked the message. "Oh.. I think Rose wants to join us... Is that cool?" He asked. Remington didn't know who knew her secret by now. He figured it probably would have been nice to let her room mates know they're prey in her eyes. That she was attracted to that kind of thing... and when the say "Oh, we're all girls..." It means something completely different in her eyes. Just as in a group of guys, with a gay boy in the mix. Remington was always open to that kind of thing and wasn't homophobic in the slightest, but he knew that when he was undressed infront of a gay guy, he was thinking things that Rem wasn't 100% comfortable with. His pants where working for a completely different thing.

                                      To: Rose
                                      From: Remington
                                      You totally should come chill with us. I'm always your boy if you need someone to talk to... I may be bipolar... But I still have ears that work.

                                      Remi shot her a short text message back and then wondered. "Wait, where are we going first?" He asked Sara. He was still unsure if he was suppose to follow her. "I mean, we are going together right?" He asked.

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