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Tipsy Girl

do u think 'wow these ppl like cool things like me; or 'wow we are all nerds'
sadly im like "oh which one" "oh thats a nice one, but i prefer" [/nerd]
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i think.

"stfu, pass me the drink and your gf too."
par...ty? what is this party u speak of
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Shirtless Sophomore

I don't know how that would really come up at any party unless it may somehow come up at the LA Convention over the summer with the anime thing. There's a bunch of hotel parties, but I doubt anyone would be talking about them besides those specific tourists.
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I really like to join the conversation but I don't want to be shunned by my friends.
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Quotable Browser

It really depends if you're into it.
Anyone has the potential to nerd out.
Sometimes if I'm a fan of the anime, I'll nerd out.
But if I don't know anything about it, I'm all "WTF are they talking about?"
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I, personally, don't really watch anime. But almost all my friends do. So I'm just like "uh huh.. right. Yeah. Okay."
Great, substantial conversations.

I'm sure they have fun though, haha.
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Girl-Crazy Ladykiller

"wow what am i doing here"
Neither? I havn't found any animes really worth watching in quite a few years.
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Shy Fatcat

A bit of both really.
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Hilarious Noob

Once on this party vote 2 of my friends played yugioh the whole time, of course they got the gay comments. But one of my friends who was playing was a football player. As soon as he stood up, everyone backed off. xD idk why this reminded me of it.
When I go to a party, I'm usually way too ******** up to talk about anything coherently.
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Girl-Crazy Capitalist

Can't we have both~?

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