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I really don't know How much I worth xD and depends in what country in Russia I could be £20? ******** knows
how much would u charge??????

how much do you think i should charge??

i already am. (jk)

depends on what you're trying to make. you can't do it alone you definitely need to find a pimp or someone who can get you your johns. you could do it alone actually.

typically i would say 500-10,000.
since you're good looking you can get away with that.

always use protection

btw if you're a little freaked out about this post, i'm not serious i just actually know a few pimps crying dat ghett0 life
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The first time I can charge very high
but then the rest i will charge like 100 because i have no std's and i don't do drugs
Really depends
$500-600 I guess, but I wouldn't straight up do anything with someone without it being planned out first- STI tests and protection and we're set.
I'd have someone with me as a form of protection at all times though.
Maybe I'd suit an escort better
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I never got paid
. ___.

Frankly I found I had a good day if the pimp didn't beat me
5 dollars

how am i supposed to compete with THAT?? stressed
my price would change depending on the client.

maximize my profit, y'know.

you should do the same.
5 dollars

how am i supposed to compete with THAT?? stressed

im srry im just want love
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I'd rather be a madam and have my own crew of prostitutes.
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I wouldn't be one full stop.
I just seen one in a banner video thing on the right of my browser with an identity crisis,
"i wonder how much she would charge" i thought.

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