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I'm trying to revive a guild that was never active. I'm going for a total redo that will hopefully be more successful this go around. I know role play guilds are a dime a dozen, but I failed at my duties three years ago. I owe it to the old owner to at least try and get it running again.

Background Information

It's a role play guild with no theme or category. I didn't start the guild, but I was made Vice Captain a few years ago when the Captain was trying for a revival that failed miserably. The Captain hasn't logged in to Gaia in a year, so I'm going at this alone for the time being.

What am I trying accomplish?

I want a feel of community within the group. I want us to be a guild that has get-together on towns, holiday events, and other cheesy things like that.

What am I asking of you?

gonk I have no idea where to even start. Should we narrow it down to a certain literacy level? Should we have a theme? Would it be better to be a role player hangout guild in between role plays rather than a role play focused group? Any suggestions?
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So, I have a tiny bit of advice for you. Since this is a week old idk if you'll need it any more. xF

YES, I would narrow it down to a literacy level if it's going to be a roleplay guild! Otherwise you're going to have a lot of broken-English posts to sift through. Plus literacy is usually associated with maturity (or at least age), so if you require good typing skills, then you're subconsciously raising the age limit for the group. That can give not only a wider variety of topics to choose from but also not worrying about making sure everything is G-rated.

I think a theme would be good if you're trying to attract a certain audience. It can really bring together a group of people interested in one thing, but on the other hand you're severely narrowing down the amount of people who will want to join your guild. I think that since, as you said, roleplaying guilds are so common on Gaia that you should have a theme. Something unique though so that you stand out among others.

As for the last question, I have no idea. I am interested in neither of those topics so I really cannot comment. Good luck on whatever you choose to do though. <3

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