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                                            XXX» XXXXXIt's Not About To Change

                                                        XXX I Aм Kиowи As » Dimitri Ivashkov Dragomir

                                                        XXX They Cαll Me » Dimi or Kov, but everyone just calls me Dimitri more or less да

                                                        XXX I Wαs Borи About A Few Yeαrs Bαck » 800 years old, but not a day over 20 to be honest

                                                        XXX Arouиd A Certαιи Tιмe » October 31

                                                        XXX I Prefer » Bi-sexual

                                                        XXX My Blood Makes Me » Immortal…. What else am I meant to say?

                                                        XXX I Let Them Believe I Belong » During the eight hundred years I’ve been alive on this planet, never have I had to hold a lie this big, who I actually am until now. I’ve had different jobs, different names, different things to keep me going in life, though nothing more came naturally to me than being a composer for a band and a model, I don’t want to bore you with my previous jobs that I’ve had, so I wont go there, it’d be too much of a bore for myself mainly

                                            XXX» XXXXXI'm More Than Flesh And Blood

                                                        XXX It Might Take While To Explain » You're going to have to sit back and listen to this carefully, I'm only going to say this one time.

                                                        I was born in St Petersburg, Russia on a cold winters night. The year was 1214, my mother was a wonderful singer, warming hearts of many with her beautiful songs and my father? Well he was just a regular joe, (even though they were both immortals) sitting around and looking pretty. I guess you can say, I got my looks from my father and my eyes from my mother, they were quite the pair, my father, the cold hearted male and my mother, the typical loving mother. There wasn't much going on in Russia during this time, just nothing much happened there until the revolution from the lower class and upper class and the assassination of the Tsar of the Romanov family in Russia when everything began to change. I couldn't exactly remember the age I was then because there was so many ages we had gone through and because I was so young, I had become what I had become, not by my choice. My father during that time had been part of the royal guard, sleeping around and draining people of their blood left and right whenever he needed to of course because back in those days, no sense of blood banks were around delivering blood to immortals and there was no council around to help this problem.

                                                        Though when the revolution and the assassination started

                                                        XXX What I've Become » P E R S O N A L I T Y

                                                        XXX Dont Look » S E C R E T S