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If they tweaked it and made it a classic gaia kind of game where my ava could farm I would LOVE it. I suggested a harvest moon / harvest gaia knockoff ages ago.

It would rock and people would play it.
yea bring it bak
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i think the same
I really liked Summer Springs. heart
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I miss summer springs so bad, I wish they could bring it back...
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That sounds like a good idea.
Like many have said before, make a knock-off version, harvest moon like (but I would want a bit more rune factory version if we're going in that direction).
I liked playing it on fb(even though I hate the site itself), but I would totally want bootleg version here on gaia (especially if it's better than the original) 3nodding
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Yeah i miss Summer Springs so much crying
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I really enjoyed Summer Springs too! I was so upset when they took it down crying
Why can't they make another (better!) version of it here on GO? I mean, they managed to get those other games up, and the concept wouldn't be that much different from zOMG (using your own avatar, collecting things, etc.) or Towns..

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