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the game is really cool
nice concept
its like a street fighter vs what have you game / tekken tag

1. make a arena/stage a little broader
2. decrease the energy consumption per fight to 2 and increase the energy ceiling to 15 and decrease the energy regen time from 15minutes? to 10minutes
3. every time i log in i have to load everything all together its pretty much time consuming. it might be best to decrease the loading time or remove unnecessary stuff in the intro for faster loading.

its hard to play because yer always out of energy
and it takes too long to recharge
players would find it troublesome to play that way (1 fight an hour)
I just started a little while ago and I have played for less than 30 mins. and I'm done... I was kind of disappointed because I was expecting it to be, at least, a longer game to play. A battle per hour isn't worth the wait since the game is really fast- paced.

Things that I think should be done:


Optional: Can you make a longer tutorial? Explain everything in the game so as we do not guess what should/ should be happening.

I know I do not speak for myself but also for a lot of Soul Crash players.

As of now, the game is good but I KNOW and I BELIEVE that in the near future it can be BETTER.

Good Luck.
yes i agree energy at the start is a problem but if you spend 50 dollars you can buy +1 to max energy 10 times and for every 10 energy you get 3 fights now i'm at 30 max energy so i get 9 fights
and ill probably spend more for more max energy but at the moment on my next pay day i'm going to focus on getting my dark crimson sword to +7 after that ill go back to getting more to my max energy now see energy is where they are making there money though i do think it should be cheaper i think 10 dollars for +1 to max energy would be a lot nicer and they would make more money because more people would buy it but it does seem as though the game does cater more to though's with more money but i still support the game would be nice if they lowered the prices a bet
but i cant complain because i can afford it
As for me here are my suggestions; more gears, more variety in attack animations, variety in attack animation depending on weapon type, somehow increase(INCREASE i didn't say change) the players control on the character to further heighten the overall experience of the game. Now pertaining to my last suggestion i have no F*cking idea how the SCT can pull it off however I'm hopeful they can come up with a creative solution.

Sorry for this useless list of weird suggestions, but alas i think their good suggestions.. but that's just me dramallama
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I HAVE ONE EDIT CHARACTER, add more character customize and stuuf :} or something like that

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