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Inventory Arranger

Here it is, the moment you've all been waiting for, inventory arranger!!! Welcome to the feedback thread!

The changes to the inventory arranger involve a complete rewrite. The new version will include:

1. Conversion of the inventory arranger from flash to HTML
2. Updated inventory display! -- X --
3. Change to arranger display to match inventory style display. -- X --
4. Creation of categories to organize items however you wish. -- X --
5. Ability to drag and drop items to a temporary holding area so they can be moved in bulk.
7. Purchasable slots for additional storage.
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Updated Inventory Display

  • The updated inventory display will feature updated search options. You will be able to search by item type as well as search across all your categories or just in the category you are currently viewing.
    (Note: the "All Gaia" option will actually read "All Categories" )

  • You will be able to set a default category that your inventory will display first every time you open it.

  • There will be an option to select how many items display at once. There will be an upper bound limit which has yet to be determined.

  • Please note at launch this change will be opt-in via labs and will occur everywhere your inventory is displayed like for example the display when you are selecting an item to sell on the marketplace, your store, your trades screen, etc. To get the new inventory arranger you must opt-in via labs to the new inventory display. It's a package deal.

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New Inventory Arranger

  • The new arranger will feature a queued box. The queue box is a temporary storage location where you drag and drop items to be moved elsewhere. You will be able to change the Category you are viewing and move the items out of the queued box and into the currently viewed category.

  • The queued items box will allow you to move items over one at a time. You can also multi-select items to move all at once.

  • Quick actions are available for the queued box. If you don't wish to drag and drop items yourself, you have the ability to click specific items in your queue and then from the drop down quickly move the selected, or if you wish all the items out of the queue and into the current category.

  • The queue has sort filters, this allows you to quickly sort the items in your queue by predetermined filters (set by staff) so that you can better organize the items in your queue when working with large item queues

  • Clicking the category tab that is next to the queued tab will bring up a listing of all your current categories. When in this view, you can simply drag and drop items straight from the inventory on the left, to any category displayed in the category listing. This will instantly move that item to that location.

  • Since we are giving you the ability to create your own categories, we won't know what parameters you are sorting your items by. Because of this, all items that you purchase, trade or are granted will go to a default "All" tab. From there you will then need to place the item in whatever category you wish it go.

  • The inventory filters, just as with the queued filters, will allow you to quickly sort/organize your items based on predetermined parameters. Please note these filters are not temporary, they will permanently re-organize the items in that category. You will receive a confirmation notice before the changes take affect.

  • The inventory quick actions, just as with the queued quick actions, will allow you to quickly move selected items over into your queued box.

  • As a side note, you will not be able to search for your items based on categories you create. For example, Lets say I have a halo in a category called "Rare items." if I am currently viewing the "All" items category and I run a search for "rare items" across all categories it will not show the halo. Search will function as it currently does, finding items as they have been tagged by the artists that created them.

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Category Management

  • The category display is where you can change to a different category, create a new category, manage existing categories or purchase additional category slots.

  • At launch you would be given a limited number of category slots. For example, if we decide that everyone gets 5 slots, you would be able to create 5 new categories before you would need to purchase more. (cost and currency type not yet determined.)

  • Clicking the Manage Categories button will allow you to set a default category or delete a category. Deleting a category will open a confirmation modal. Upon confirming the category will be removed and all items in that category will be dumped into the default "All" category. Setting a category as default means that will be the category automatically displayed in any locations your inventory is shown.

  • Categories will be draggable so that you can quickly re-order them.

  • The image next to each category is an image of the first item placed in that category. To change the image, simply change the order of the item in the top left of the category inventory display. We are also considering adding color coding options to help you quickly discern what is contained in category.

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I have a question:

With this upgrade if I go to put something in storage can I grab more than one thing at a time and drop them into my storage box?

Same thing with deleting things.
Can we delete things like zOMG rings more than one at a time?

Also you said temp storage.
Does that mean we won't have the storage system when we can move things in out storage box and it stays there?

You guys said you WOULD be able to auto-arrange by color, and also by type, correct?
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we've been needing a new one but this seems really over-complicated to me
We have been needing an updated item arranger for a long time! I'm excited for the changes. I absolutely love everything that has been added. Truly a great job! I'm very OCD and excited to be able to create categories!

Just a few questions I hope that can be answered in time?

1. In our current arranger, we can sell items. Will this remain in effect?

2. Some items can be sold in arranger only(and not through regular inventory), will this also stay the same?

3. Will we be able to eventually "trash" items through arranger? Or will we have to go through regular inventory to do so?

4. By creating categories in our arranger, how will this affect how the regular inventory page looks, and how will it affect how we see our items during dress up?

Look forward to your answers. emotion_bigheart
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You're finally getting started, I'm so happy ;w; <3

You guys said you WOULD be able to auto-arrange by color, and also by type, correct? Because I would really like that feature.
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yes, been waiting for this!
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Easier arranging.
As in, when you click 'Name' to sort alphabetically,
I wish it would stay like that. Not revert back to the
unorganized mess. It is painstaking to do it by
hand, which many with large inventories end up
doing. It really is irritating!
(I hope that makes sense)
Also please let us arrange Game items!

New Storage Units
I know we have a storage unit as a catch all, but
perhaps a new trunk for things related to 'Miscellaneous'
things (Valentine's day NPC items, stored CI bundles,
MCs) and a storage unit for both zOMG and Aquarium.
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This is awesome and I'm excited for the first time in a long time!
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Yes. About time we have a better arranger.

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