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Like, for example, that schizophrenia genes in large numbers are here because certain humans evolved to use psychedelic drugs properly, which roughly translates as evolving to need them. A symbiotic relationship was formed. A schizophrenic in order to succeed in modern society without ever requiring psychiatric treatment must step fully into his inner world many times, as not to be haunted by it and to learn to properly wield it.

The neuroleptic of course, is so brain damaging that it does actually take this perfect relationship to the drugs, I would assume.

The world attacked this long before the drug war, but some people prone to schizophrenia are still making it now because of a strong cultural obsession with psychedelics in North America that while considered taboo to be a part of, is appreciated so far as its general effects on culture remain as positive that they are.
The simple psychological explanation for why the psychedelic is a need to the schizophrenic is that without the use of psychedelics the person with schizophrenia genes can never be sure why his inner world is there. What he sees and experiences on psychedelic drugs provides the reasons for its existence. Anything becomes pathological without justification, from fancy engineering to political platforms, and without the justification for his difference, the person with schizophrenia genes comes to possess something faulty and is inappropriately attacked for it.

There are a few other factors of course.

1. The person never comes to believe his inner world is faulty, despite the overwhelming experience of it being. This, contrary to psychiatric opinion is a plus, and environmental factors are to blame. It very often happens. If the relationships the schizophrenic forms and his lifestyle choices are healthy enough, he can be distracted from his unjustified and incomplete due to lack of psychedelic use inner stimuli and lead a life that is a healthy cog in the human social machine.

2. The person finds other drugs with sedating (which is a very loose term) or stimulant (also loose) properties. Falls into benzodiazepine abuse, or is diagnosed with A.D.D as a child and given Ritalin Adderall or one of the many knockoffs thereby changing his development. CBD is promising because it works like this.

3. The person gets a disease, that overrides his problem.

While none of these psychiatrically healthy scenarios have fulfilled what was truly meant to be, they generally avoid neuroleptic corrective torture.

In general, this is what schizophrenia is. Sorry to put it so blunt.

The issue with weed, is it is a tease of what the psychedelic drug will do. It eliminates the possibility of scenario one because it intensifies the presence of the incomplete internal stimuli whilst not completing it as the person cursed with the schizophrenia genes was genetically evolved to do.

This is my theory. If science figures it out. DMT or acid will one day be used as first line treatment against schizophrenia in psychiatric wards. If not... oh well, not all truth can be found.
Like I said.

The species attacked this evolutionary avenue and deviation a looooooooooooonnnnnnggggg time ago.

In the past, healthy forms of it that had access to psychedelics were sometimes attacked as witches, heretics or infidels, and in many societies, knowledge of even the psychedelics existence was purposely made obscure. It was probably worse in some ways to live in the early North American pioneer society or in the medieval European kingdoms, despite the legality of the substances and the premise that there were no corrective forms of torture for failed people.

But I could be wrong.

I should also emphasise that I'm omitting the obvious in this theory.

Relationships and positive contribution to a social group. Purpose. A feeling of cohesion and social solidarity. Togetherness, intellectual and emotional stimulation still take precedence for the schizophrenic over drug use.

I'm not saying that the schizophrenics are aliens with alien needs. They are humans and the difference is actually quite minute. Modern society intensifies minute differences though, and its making things very hard for some of them.

Make no mistake however. The entheogen using psychonauts, introverts, artists, shamans and many more of these are in fact untreated schizophrenics. By definition and likely also by biology is what I'm saying.
This is just a conjecture.

Its more than likely completely false. 3nodding

All of it. blaugh
So it's as though you are saying, schizophrenics depend on these psychedelics to live life as schizophrenics do and that it should be allowed. Without it, the schizophrenic will not be able to comprehend and succeed in modern society because he will never be in touch with his inner world and existence. And for this reason, studies of every branch of science hide this type of scientific discovery for the sake of society and its non-psychedelic and above-the-influence morals they drill through the youth.

I think this discovery should be made and found but not broadcasted too widely. In today's world, knowing is everything, or so I was told. It's not the most positive outlook but these type of discoveries bring us a step closer to treating schizophrenia. If these discoveries are made, they should be kept within the psychological and any other type of science departments for future studies. Psychedelic drugs are brain damaging and it's as though the discovery of the potential necessity of these will be the acceptance of them in society, that perhaps psychedelics are ok to use in the means of a schizophrenic that would use them, that is, to step into his inner world and existence. However, we're afraid of the wrong audience taking this information in and absorbing it to believe psychedelics are ok to use period. But they're not. They are brain damaging.

Then again, I don't know much about schizophrenia but I am looking at it in a perspective of someone who would not know much about it anyway. I'm saying, yes, this should be discovered, but kept within the studies so the discovered information is not taken and interpreted the wrong way for the sake of society with how it is now and can be.

Did that even make sense? I was making sense of what you said to what I wanted to say and it was all a jumble.
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Or is schizophrenia the remnant of a Bicameral mind we all used to possess?
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Might be relevant, I heard nicotene can treat adhd. My mom also was a smoker, I was diagnosed with adhd and add at seperate times.
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Dieu des hommes
Or is schizophrenia the remnant of a Bicameral mind we all used to possess?
I had a psychedelic dream where my mind was in three places at once at some points but I had trouble with it and would only switch my primary focus between the three or something. But if its bicameral I would assume its from us having two eyes, if thats not why then I would think its cuz of each brain hemisphere or something, your link for some reason is loading slowly for me, so I could have more to comment or realize after reading it of course.

EDIT: wow nice, makes me think our ancestors were retarded or something in addition to crazy, but I notice it has its flaws as a concept, I didnt study the references though. But This simply means some brains chose to advance different parts and other parts didnt advance, genetically perhaps.

But if dogs or monkies are like that thatd be why we have developed a unconcious mind, to filter through all the bullshit crazyness that would impede our functioning in society, and why we can grow to be positive or negative thinkers from how we were raised, which implies our minds on some level still do hear those voices over and over, as I believe it was called something like the internal critic, they say it does repeat over and over the things you have heard but it slightly changes over time.

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