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Favorite album?

1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours 0.020242914979757 2.0% [ 5 ]
Kerplunk 0.032388663967611 3.2% [ 8 ]
Dookie 0.12550607287449 12.6% [ 31 ]
Insomniac 0.048582995951417 4.9% [ 12 ]
Nimrod 0.080971659919028 8.1% [ 20 ]
Warning 0.072874493927125 7.3% [ 18 ]
Shenanigans 0.012145748987854 1.2% [ 3 ]
American Idiot 0.33198380566802 33.2% [ 82 ]
21st Century Breakdown 0.1497975708502 15.0% [ 37 ]
Can't choose/Don't like Green Day 0.12550607287449 12.6% [ 31 ]
Total Votes:[ 247 ]
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First post.
: D

And the best part is... I have permission.

Since I was out of the old thread I'm not sure what topic we were on.

But did anyone see Green Day on ESPN with U2?
Yessums, but that's a bit of old news now. sweatdrop Oh well.

How about the new Saints Are Coming single, eh? wink
Personally I liked the song more on the recorded version for the single than live, but I'm not totally crazy about either. I'd much rather hear new Green Day material...not Green Day cover collaborations. confused

Though...just having a cover CD where Green Day plays a bunch of covers would be pretty cool. surprised Depending what they cover, of course. xd
I still have yet to listen to "The Saints Are Coming". I've been meaning to find it on youtube, but I've been busy with school and putting off finding it. I'll have to make a note to do that later.

It would be cool to have a CD of their covers. I'd want their cover of "I Fought the Law" on CD. I do want new material first though.
Yeah, of course I'd rather have new material than a cover CD.
But a cover CD would be cool too. ninja Only after the next CD, though.

I'd like to have I Fought The Law on a CD too. I want it at album quality. gonk
New thread...well I'll be danged.
I can't wait much longer for the new CD either.
(Listens to all of the older stuff)
Used to really like them...
Ooh a new thread...

I just had a dream yesterday and Green Day was in it. Nothing really exciting though
billie-joe.com is not there! here's other links to a billie joe sites if you want:


Varg of darkness
First post.
: D

And the best part is... I have permission.

Since I was out of the old thread I'm not sure what topic we were on.

But did anyone see Green Day on ESPN with U2?

OOh I did! it was awesome..Although I watched it on TSN not ESPN.
WTF gonk I saw nothing wrong with the other thread.
Mods finally decided to respond about the new thread, huh? Took them long enough. xd

Well, hopefully this one'll be better. Especially since you have the time to run it.
I used to be pretty into GD, but I'm saddened by the fact that they sold out in the worst way.
billiej0e - surprised Thanks for letting me know!

Keri - Zodo doesn't have the time to monitor spam and whatnot, so she decided it was time to pass the thread. So the only thing wrong with the old thread is spam. o_x

Zodo - Yeah... xd Well, Keruri never responded, so I PMed maggie iratus back last night, and she said she forgot. xd But she moved it in the middle of the night last night after I went to bed, and I found it switched this morning. 3nodding

professorB - neutral How so?
Aw man, new thread. cool heart
billiej0e - surprised Thanks for letting me know!

Your welcome! I love Green Day The first Video I ever saw by them was Boulevard of Broken Dreams. That's crazy I know...I've been a fan from then on.

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