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Still having the problem... When will this be fixed already!?
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I guess it will be a looong waiting for the fix we all need. At least the game isn't more glitched... stare
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The whole game is not loading for me now stressed
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The whole game is not loading for me now stressed

Same problem. Also have the exact same problem with another game (Backyard Monsters)... Niether of which I've seen a fix for... been waiting literally years. -.-

Can we get some other games added to replace the faulty ones at least?
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My messages won't load and no friends : /
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Glad to see I'm not the only one having problems. I know some of my friends have invited me to be their neighbor in this game, but I can't see where to accept their invites. Very frustrating since I just started out and have no neighbors, so I can't use bonus attacks sad
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Getting tired of being disappointed...so many whistles left unused because my friends list won't come up. People keep PM'ing me to invite them to my friends list and I keep having to message them back that I can't because of the game glitch. Won't someone get on this so we can enjoy the game to its fullest?
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I have some experience working with code for games and honestly, although this may be one of the more difficult parts in a game to troubleshoot, it really should not take over a year to fix this. I'm guessing part of it had to do with the migration from Facebook. I just really wish this game was fixed because, it is one of my favorite browser games and it has very good potential.
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This thread was started July 16th 2012, and you still haven't fixed it?

Also, why aren't Facebook and Gaia linked? I can see my friends list on Facebook, and use my bonus attack, but since the sites aren't linked, I don't get any gold.

I hate to say it, but instead of bringing out new games like Heralds of Chaos, why not fix the ones you have?
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this isn't fixed cuz the MODS don't care! they don't even address this issue on the ATA on mondays! i have pm'd lanzer and a few other mods and admins and i don't even get a courtesy replay stating that they are looking into it!

i guess its not a big issue as long as they make the cash! now if everyone would not use cash for any monster galaxy items for a while and send a whole bunch of pm to lanzer and other admins maybe, just maybe we might see this issue fixed.
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omg.my friends list is BACK!!!!! *dances around room screaming for joy! blaugh Now if only my friends would actually water their whistle plant! crying
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I'm still not able to add neighbors and it makes it much harder to play the game D:
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Fix this, as a long time member, this was one game you had right. it was awesome, not to simple and cute as hell.

Wtf, do you really not care? at least come out and say you dont care.
or just get rid of the damn game.

I can tell you dont care casue there is no replys, but at least aknowledge you dont care.
kiero k m vaya el monsteren fb no en gaia en gaia empeiso desde el principio y no kiero pporfavor ayudarme... yevo 25dias ya

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