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I love Nightwish. Yet once again I find myself hoping that this new singer will be good for the band. I was at one of the last concerts were Anette was singing. As long as Tuomas and the others stay in the band, I think I'll be good. XD
I also wish we'd get an actual release for their movie. I'm still patiently waiting for it to come to the US. I really don't want to have to import it. >.<

I was also just bored, and then I found this nifty little gem. emotion_awesome

Floor Jensen Fits Nightwish So Well. Her Voice Is Like A Mix Between Anette And Tarjas. And Her Look Is Just Perfect For The Band. I think She Fit's Better Than Tarja Just My Opinion.
I haven't heard anything yet, so I can't judge. As long as the band keeps going with great albums, I'll be good. But I don't see Nightwish as a band to just pick any singer. I think you have to be pretty awesome to become a singer for them. biggrin

I understand so here's her singing one of Tarja's songs which usually I would be outraged but... I wasn't when I heard this
She does do a very good job.