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Which Race Would You Be?

Hobbit 0.16279069767442 16.3% [ 294 ]
Elve 0.56589147286822 56.6% [ 1022 ]
Human 0.10686600221484 10.7% [ 193 ]
Dwarf 0.058693244739756 5.9% [ 106 ]
River Folk 0.027131782945736 2.7% [ 49 ]
Other 0.078626799557032 7.9% [ 142 ]
Total Votes:[ 1806 ]
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Elve most definitely. I love their level of maturity, and their beautiful home.
I would probably be a hobbit. I just like to stay at home most of the time and don't want to get tangled up in any adventures.
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I would be a human, hopefully either Rohirrim or a scholar in Gondor.
A hobbit, of course.
Because they seem to have a good time 24/7. Party! xd
I'd be a hobbit I think. I'm a bit of a homebody. If I weren't a hobbit I'd be either a Rohirrim or Gondorian.
Hobbit. I'm already ALMOST the right size (seriously, I'm tiny!). The only problem is that I have small feet. xd
i would be an elve they are so imnportant prestigious beautiful and intelligent they are great at everything they do, i would choose to be from rivendell
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Merry Christmas Eve!
id most definately b related to beorns family and be a shape shifter (from the hobbit) or id be a elf if i cant be anything else id b a elf
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More than likely, if I got the choice, I'd be Elven. There's just something in their nature that seems to call to me. xp As silly as that sounds.

But if it weren't a choice, and was more of a tansplanting of my life from here to there? I'd be a Gondorian Woman in a lower Noble family.

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An elf, Travelling with Gildor, in the Shire....
id rather be an elf hehe

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