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I've been used too often.
I don't believe anyone is a prince zero.
But if I was ever used it was of my own accord. You can't really blame someone else for that, because half of it is you going along with it.
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too lazy to help
but when i'm in a good mood, and i get that red flag of being used, I pretend to eff up so they never ask fro help from me again XD
앰버-마리는 말한다

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your prince charming
turned into a prince zero ?
.. or something else clever like that

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지금 그녀는 끝났
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Yes. But not that much.
Yeah I was used all through high school. The dumb thing is that I never really figured it out until after high school, but after thinking about it I realized that I was being used by a bunch of my girl friends.

Now that I think about it, I'd say about half of my girl friends used me. Kind of sad now that I think about it, I don't know if that reflects poorly on me or poorly of them. Maybe they were just bitches, or maybe I'm just a loser. I can go through the details of a few (there's too many to list for it to be reasonable, so I'll just talk about 3 of them)

1. One of them was a girl I liked for 2 years straight, she would date other guys and then whenever she broke up with them she'd use me as a shoulder to cry on. Then once she would get back together with a guy, she'd ignore me and really have nothing to do with me.

2. The second girl was just a friend of mine and I never had any interest in her romantically or sexually. However I do think to her I was the guy who she would "date" whenever she didn't have a boyfriend. I never thought of us going out as a date since I didn't have feelings for her, but she would dress up really nicely and flirt with me, text me all the time, she would compliment me a lot, etc, etc. However she would only pay attention to me when she didn't have a boyfriend. As soon as she got a boyfriend, she'd basically stop talking to me completely, maybe texting me once every few months. Funny that in high school I was too dense to notice what was going on. Then again I did have a lot of friends in high school so maybe that's why I didn't notice this.

3. The third girl was a friend of mine as well. She was attractive and pretty, but I never had any romantic interest in her because I thought she was too shallow to have a relationship with. I would have had sexual interest in her, but she was notorious around my circle of guy friends for being extremely prude. So basically as soon as I met her I already knew that I didn't have the chance to do anything with her sexually so it never even came to my mind to try and hook up with her. She'd always talk to me for advice with emotional problems she was having and problems with her boyfriend. She'd want me to comfort her with her emotional problems, she'd have me pick her up when she wanted to be picked up somewhere and didn't have a ride, she would also give me problems with her boyfriend and I would solve them. I personally don't regret doing the third thing at all because her boyfriend was one of my friends as well, and I kept their relationship together longer than it probably would have lasted without my assistance (although they did break up eventually). But besides that, she did not really talk to me. She'd also ask me out for lunch often and then bail on me at the last second for another one of her friends (she would always say that she "forgot" that she was going to have lunch with X person. I eventually figured out she was lying to me though so I just no longer accepted any of her offers to lunch).

I don't recall any of my guy friends ever using me. My guy friends went out of their way to hang out with me since I didn't have lots of money to spend (while they did have that money), they had cars (while I didn't), I wasn't particularly popular either so it's not like they got any social benefit hanging out from me. They just hung out with me because they liked me, lol guys make much better and loyal friends now that I think about it.
I have been used before by past boyriends. All that wanted was my money and sex. I gave them money because I was naiive and thought I was being helpful, but, never let them get what they want with my body. So they left. And good riddance!
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All of these stories are touching . I will get to all of them eventually .
Unfortunately, I've been working on a big project so I haven't had the time too
but I am still here and I will read and reply . I am sorry for the delay .

In the mean time, enjoy a lovely discussion between yourselves .
I'm not the only one here who can offer lovely advice .
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Yes, i was too naive. Now i trust only very less people and if i would found out one of them would use me than this person will think very different from me in the next day.
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Yes, this guy that I was friends with and that I like for 2 and a half years used me. I really had feelings for him and I liked him in so many ways. He only liked me for my body and I was stupid enough to let him have it (I guess I was hoping for something more). Turns out he didn't/doesn't want a relationship...with me anyway... neutral
Oh... yes... the horror... THE HORROR!... I don't want to live that again!
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Yeah, but then you just forget about it and move on. "Best way to get over someone is to get UNDER someone"
I wrote a fanfic where Viscount 'used' Roman.

If you know what I mean.
in elementary these girls wanted me to stick up for them against the mean icky boys.
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I was used once, for a good two years, abusive relationship in a way, left me pretty broken. Then I was single for a while, and a really cold-hearted b*tch at that, but I enjoyed myself while the hearts of others were shattered to pieces, not to my fault though. I turned into the one using the others, but they knew that they were being used but went on letting it happen anyway.

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