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How do you typically celebrate your birthdays?
Curious about this because growing up I wasn't allowed to have a big birthday party unless it was a big age I was turning.
10, 13, 16 and 18 were considered big birthdays because it was one of those 'ages' where something was happening. 10 was a decade, 13 you were a teenager, 16 you can drive, and 18 your an adult.
On these days I could have a big party at the house or wherever I wanted, typically spent the time laser tagging/swimming/putt putting/bowling.
But the other times I would have a friend or two sleepover and have a small cake.

So LD, how do you celebrate your birthday?
How old will you be on your next birthday?
Now that your older do you do more or less for your birthday?
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On my last birthday, I went out for a meal with my SO and my parents. Seperately, but hopefully this year, we can all dine together now that they know and accept we are together. I'll be 22 this year.
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I usually spend time with my family.
I'm not crazy about parties.
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I celebrate my birthday by doing absolutely nothing. Don't have any friends in real life since I moved to a new town, so I can't do much.

On my next birthday I'll be turning 21, and I plan to go out, buy a small bottle of butterscotch snapps and drink alone.

I never did much for my birthday's to begin with.

One year my aunt and uncle took me to an apple orchard, which was not remotely close to what I wanted to do...and then to a Chinese restaurant when I don't like Chinese food that much.
Sounds like awesome people, right? haha
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....I've never really had a party before....On my last birthday we just went out to eat and I got presents. I really wasn't my birthday because when we went out to eat we clebrated my brothers birthday too because our birthday are close together.
So LD, how do you celebrate your birthday?
I just go out to eat somewhere.
How old will you be on your next birthday?
Now that your older do you do more or less for your birthday?
Less, last year I didn't do s**t. This year who knows.
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I have a sweet 16 coming up.

I don't want to do anything for it.

But with the friends and boyfriend I have. They'll do something extremely huge for me. burning_eyes

I mean, other than that,
other birthdays were great. I'm just scared for this one. I don't like people doing really nice things for me.
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Present, cake.
I usually have a birthday party out somewhere. Nothing big. My cousins have big formal birthdays though.
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Take the time to be alone and eat my cake. (Not a socialist.)
I didn't do anything when I was little. Now I usually have a big party, because I can and it's fun. I don't think I really need a better reason.

I'll be 21 on my next birthday.
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I've never had a birthday party, and there was only one birthday where I had a friend over.

The rest were just days where I ate cake and got presents, and sat around with the family.
I'll be 20 on my next birthday and I'll probably continue doing the same thing.

I don't like parties.
ah I remember when i was 13 my old man gave me his Darkthrone soulside journey vinyl
On my birthdays, since im getting older, my mom just takes us out to eat. Next year, I'm turning 16. && i dont get anymore presents T^T
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I'll be 18 my next birthday.
I'm really excited because I don't recall getting cakes for my birthday and my friend is making a cake for me, well I'll be helping.
I don't usually do much for my birthdays but I don't care.

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