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Ok so this isn't a RP or anything but a brain storm. I need ideas for superpowers that are unusual but could be used in a story or RP. I have the basic teleportation, flying, etc. So if you have any really good ones please post! I've already researched some and have a list or two from google searches so let me know what you come up with!

Thanks ~Allura Mystery~
Well, the US is currently the only real superpower

but China is becoming stronger and wealthier by the day. One could say it could at some point overtake the US.

herp derp derp derp
Not government superpowers I meant superhero superpowers, should have been more clear. Sorry! But thanks for trying to help.
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You could always..... disappear.
Invisibility I already have. I have most the usual ones found. I need something out of the box but not completely useless.
shape shifting, Chameleonization (ability to blend), Conjuring(make things appear [like dragons er whatever]), Necromancy (ability to see and talk to the dead), Sorcery, err... projectable photographic memory, time travel &idk what else. :/ i tried.
Thanks some of those actually may help!
Probability Manipulation.

Beat that one!
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Being Black.

Beat that.
The ability to change your ethnic background at will.
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The ability to determine that you're in the wrong forum.

You should pick that one up.

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