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What type of charity / non-profit organization below do you support or simply just feel strongly about?

Pet Rescue 0.46631566351562 46.6% [ 3897 ]
Clean Water 0.092497307646285 9.2% [ 773 ]
Homelessness 0.13964341270791 14.0% [ 1167 ]
Organizations that fight diseases 0.14766064377169 14.8% [ 1234 ]
Organizations that deliver meals to senior citizens 0.024291013521599 2.4% [ 203 ]
Charities that help the mentally or physically handicapped 0.1295919588369 13.0% [ 1083 ]
Total Votes:[ 8357 ]
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Clean water and pet rescue!
I always try to donate to pet causes. Pet adoptions, animal care, so on and so fourth.
That's the only charity I'll give cash to, if a homeless person wants something I'll give them food or a blanket, because I want to give something they NEED and not money to buy alcohol or drugs. I'm not saying all homeless do, but where I live it seems like a lot do.
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Charities that help STOP human trafficking... cry
stare Many people don't realize, that men, women & children are being bought & sold as slaves every day all around the world. (sadly even in America)...

I also support Animal charities, charities to prevent &/or cure disease, charities that help with disaster relief, & others throughout the year.

I think it is important that everyone support at least ONE charity (with time, talent, money, etc), as it helps each of us to focus on something outside ourselves.

Well done to all of you who support at least one charity! wink 4laugh
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I support charities that protect our wildlife, ocean life, coastlands, etc. especially (ie - whales, fish, other marine life).
As my motto goes "Fish are friends - not food" blaugh
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Before I went out of state for school, I volunteered at an animal shelter.
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My great grandpa is in a wheel chair because of world war 2, and my cousin is blind from Afghanistan, so I support the wounded warrior project.
I regularly donate to the disabled veterans association.
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I personally believe that animal cruelty is inhumane and pets aren't just animals, they are family, so it would be like hurting your sibling if you hurt an animal. My point is I believe animal shelters are very important and whoever began the animal shelters idea has my full respect.
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I support organizations that fight diseases and help animals.

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