We're always on the lookout for interesting threads, guilds, events and other topics to spotlight on the Gaia homepage. If you know of a great thread or an interesting topic for us to spotlight, please review the guidelines below to get an idea of what we're looking for, and then send us an email to hpupdates at gaiaonline dot com (use normal email formatting, of course) using the template below.

We're looking for anything that the general Community could find fun and interesting. But we get a ton of submissions, so here are some tips on increasing your content's chances of being selected:

Have Mass appeal. The more interest your topic would have to the general Community, the more likely it'll get picked. Please do not submit petitions, thanks!

Keep It Clean. For reasons you can likely guess, it's hard for us to spotlight content that has questionable language/content, even if it technically doesn't fall outside the Terms of Service.

Be Clear and Concise. Avoid tl;dr – because we get so many submissions, we need to understand why yours is worthy quickly.

Finally, be sure you want the attention! Being spotlighted will almost certainly attract a lot of interest to your content. But that also means you’ll probably receive a lot of PMs and posts. For example, this attention can be problematic for RPs – too many posts/people can interfere with the storyline, and you'll get a lot of posts asking questions that disrupt your plot.

Template for Submission to hpupdates at gaiaonline dot com (use normal email formatting)
Use the following template when you send us your submission.

Email Subject Line:
Spotlight Nomination: <insert your Topic Description>

Please then copy and paste the template below into the body of the email, filling out the designated information:
Spotlight my Thread/Guild/Topic:
Select from above what you want spotlighted & include the URL.

Summary of Thread/Guild/Topic:
Please keep this to 3 sentences or less due to the volume we receive.

Longevity/Activity Level (if applicable):
How long has the content been active, how many posts/participants, etc.

Is this time-sensitive?
Does your content revolve around a specific timeframe (such as a holiday, or a contest that ends on a specific date)? If so, let us know when this would need to run.

Why you should be chosen:
Give us your best sales pitch on what makes your content worthy of the spotlight! Again, please keep this to 3 sentences or less.