Hey my fishy friends!

It's yer' old pal Logan here and I wanted to talk ter' you all today about some slippery behavior that's been going on in our lakes recently.

It seems that some sneaky fishers found a fishy glitch where they could share their rods with other people while still using the same rod. Exploiting site glitches and enabling cheatin' at my beloved fishin' won't stand with yer old pal Logan so there is a new rule I need to point out: No two (or more) people may share the same rod (or any other fishing item) to be used by multiple parties at the same time in different games.

Anyone found to be doin' this cheatin' will have his or her name removed from the leader-boards, will be ineligible to win a trophy, and will receive a serious warning! Y'all need ter' realize that glitched item sharing in Gaia games is considered to be a form of cheating and glitch exploitation; Continuing to engage in such behavior after you have been warned could lead to an account ban.

Keep the fishin' fun and fair for all people - don't cheat! Just do yer' fishin' on the level and above board and it'll all be good. Hope this message gets through loud and clear. Take care of yerselves and good luck to all fishers in May!

Your Pal,