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What's your Gaia starsign?

Epistola. 0.083123771832186 8.3% [ 6049 ]
Vulpus. 0.11603523381567 11.6% [ 8444 ]
Penna. 0.097992332110319 9.8% [ 7131 ]
Spurca. 0.083604732654491 8.4% [ 6084 ]
Falcis Piscibus. 0.081474763298567 8.1% [ 5929 ]
Arca. 0.10590757307169 10.6% [ 7707 ]
Lepus Crudus. 0.0946805733053 9.5% [ 6890 ]
Donum. 0.078410355773591 7.8% [ 5706 ]
Halos. 0.15456706655124 15.5% [ 11248 ]
Cauda Diaboli. 0.10420359758695 10.4% [ 7583 ]
Total Votes:[ 72771 ]
*giggles* I'm a Donum surprised

Cute idea! I love the descriptions you made for them.~ I'm a giftbox! xd ;
Falcis Piscibus, that soo descibes me... minus the winning conflicts part.

Man this is just like real horoscopes only, ya know, Gaia related and more interesting.
I'm a Donum! Neeeeat! *Gigglefit* ^^
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Aekea Champion

xd I don't believe in that sort of stuff, but it's interesting to read! *subcribes*

heehee, I'm an sealed envelope... I mean, Epistola
i'm a spork... not quite a fork, not quite a spoon.
a spork!


oh yea, this would be a cute sticky. kinda like the newspaper part everyone reads. ;p
This is really spiffy xd Thanks for taking the time to do all of this!

By the way, I got Cauda Diaboli sweatdrop I SWEAR I'm not mean
Cute thread. I'm a Donum. <3
I am an Epistola.. and the description fits me really well too eek
I'm one of those things you get at taco bell. To eat your salad with....

OH YEAH..... I remember now.
A spork. xD


Anyways, this is cute.
This is pretty cool, I'm a penna I think.
Homagawd...they need banners for each constellation. 0_0

*ish teh spork*
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Chatty Lunatic


`Aine Chievious is a Devil Tail (or Cauda Diaboli)! twisted
I am a Halos, but not arrogant in the least, sweetheart~ sweatdrop

Go 25 ones at Donum! o/
One of the best topics so far ^^
Penna! rofl

If this isn't the cutest/coolest thing I've seen on Gaia yet 4laugh

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