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[NPC] Redington Riegel II
You don't set cars on fire, you have them recycled and then made into new cars after every use.

I do my best to keep my car in good condition for as long as I can....
I do my best to just light them on fire. emotion_awesome
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It wouldn't be on fire if Riker had just re-modulated the shields like they ALWAYS do in situations when the Enterprise was under attack. I don't see why it was necessary to keep a precise modulation of 257.4 when coming into contact with an obsolete Klingon ship. And you'd think that at least Data or Jordi would have had that option in their back pocket but I suppose they were too surprised from the shock of the attack. Sure they got the 1701-E out of it but I was always partial to the iconic 1701-D. Though the production values in Nemesis were greatly underrated.

Oh we're talking about a car?

I don't understand for what reason you bring the Battle of Veridian III into this- the modulation of shields for a vessel of a different mass and strength would obviously vary from the proclaimed 257.4 when applied to a car rather than a spaceship. Assuming there were shields, and assuming those were functional at the time in the first place. Also assuming the driver wasn't too inebriated to remember how to use them. Likely it's on fire because of an impact caused by intoxicated usage.
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emotion_jawdrop HEY!!! That looks like the dean's car! mad Crap! I wanted to put it on the roof of the frat house. No wonder I couldn't find it the other night.
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Should I talk to it?
No, just leave it be. Allow it to cool down a bit before trying to console the poor thing.
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gaia_angelleft emotion_zzz gaia_angelright
Check inside to see if the Ghost Rider is in there you'll know cause his head is on fire

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