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Final Fantasy XI : I don't think that it should be judged negatively just because it's a online game. If you don't like or enjoy MMO's then fine; but don't say that XI is terrible just because it's like Wow. It attracts a different group of players and fans into the Final Fantasy universe and that's good !

Final Fantasy XII : I don't really like or enjoy this game and don't understand some of the praises it gets. The storyline wasn't really all that there at all and the characters had no depth, no personally and was very empty. The only characters that stood out where Baltheir and Ashe. Vayne was a extremely disappointing villian and final boss; Dr Cid was so much more thrilling and should of been the bad villian instead. He had that crazy villainous feel that Kefka had in a way.

Final Fantasy XIII : Final Fantasy XIII seems to be one of the most loathed Final Fantasy games within creation and why it does have some flaws, it's really not that bad. It does start out linear; but then so is Final Fantasy X so why does FF X escape from harsh comments when FF XIII doesn't ?
At times, it does feel silly though. Like one of those cheesy soap dramas that you'll see on afternoon TV. It's not the best Final Fantasy around, but the most awful ? No !

Though some of the FF XIII fans really annoy me. They're really nasty towards the older fanbases and go around calling them " nostalgia fags " and " whiny FF VII fanboys that should be shot ".

Just terrible ! emotion_donotwant

Final Fantasy XIII-2 : I hate it I'm sorry. It was really good until the ending.. then I grabbed my imagery gun and shot it into a million pieces.

Final Fantasy XIV : At first it was really terrible, but the updated version actually looks quite good tbh.

Final Fantasy X-2 : I can really understand why people can say that it's bad and terrible. It's the most cheesy and fan-service based Final Fantasy game ever made. It's so silly..

I don't understand why FFXIII gets hate when it's just FFX with better graphics and a female Cloud like main leader instead of a hyperactive young teenager.
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i liked X-2 myself. though to be honest the ones after X-2 i couldn't play, i liked them and they had good storylines. it was the new combat/battle engines. if an rpg doesn't use turn-based like dragon quest or FF1-10-2 then i can't play it. i have tried, i got up to ch.7 in FF13...and that was hard enough. the newer gameplay i can't keep up with/understand. so sadly i won't be buying the newer installments, sure their nice to look at but too complicated/convoluted for my tastes.
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i suppose they are skimpy but they could be running around in thongs, suspenders and high heels only.
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Having started a goal to play all the Final Fantasys main titles (minus FF XI) to make my own judgements about the games. I started this goal around 2010 so have played most of the games I have in the past 2 years (look at my profile for list of completed games if you want to know). I came in late to the Final Fantasy fandom (2008ish) so I haven't played most of the games in their heyday when they came out except XIII and XIII-2.

(Sorry this is so dang long! sweatdrop )


X-2: Yeah the super hyped of girl power feel of the game was a little cheesy to me and I found some of the music rather annoying. But the storyline, I felt, was actually not that bad when you could look past some of the parts that were a bit silly. And I liked the dress sphere system.

XII: I'm in the middle of it and so far I like it. Maybe it's because I kind of like hotity totity speech in games but I enjoy the storyline. The endless maps can getting trying when you really just want to get to the next places you have to go. But I like the fact that many cutscenes are given in good, often, 10minute or more chunks. It feels more rewarding to me and the pace that the cutscenes happen at is a good one I feel.

One of the complaints for the game I have heard is that it doesn't feel like a Final Fantasy and I agree. It feels like Ivalice. I think that is something for XII that did make it a lot different. To me the music and the speech and the storyline are a lot different than the tones other Final Fantasys seem to take but it makes it apart of the world it is set in to me. I don't need a game to feel the same as every single one in it's series to call it apart of it. Maybe if Final Fantasy was a on going game series that was all connected I would be very disappointed.

XIII-I liked it and, to be honest, I think the battle system of Final Fantasy has been changing ever so slightly since VII. I didn't mind the paradigm shift system which was a big complaint that it made the game too easy because the player barely had to do anything since you only were in control of one character and the other two did their jobs without needing the players help. I didn't mind this. And it was true that it made some things easy but later on you did need to know what was the best paradigm setup to help your group or it was game over.

The story itself was a little hard to keep everything straight (though it doesn't help when one takes a few month gap of not playing it) but I still liked it. Not as compelling as other Final Fantasy stories but not down right awful. As for the characters I was able to get attached to them and I felt that they did have changes throughout the game. And I liked Lightning as a protagonist.

XIII-2: I really liked this one. The storyline was much better than XIII and I liked the characters and battle system. Still mostly the same as XIII with a few changes.


So overall I think maybe Final Fantasy is going in a new direction. Some might not see it as a good new direction but so far I am not upset about it. As a company Square Enix needs to change to keep its products appealing beyond fans they already have with the hope of bringing in new fans. Stagnating and staying with Final Fantasys the way the games have always been would not be a good idea on their behalf. I'm sure Square is listening to its fans but they have to keep moving forward to keep staying at the top against other gaming companies, no matter how much some people hate the changes in the games. (This is all my speculation though and not something I have read about the company).

Maybe it's because I wasn't there "at the beginning" of it all (call it what you will the start with FF I or FF VII) but I look forward to the next installment in the XIII universe with Lightning.

arrow ****I apologize if I offended anyone who didn't not like these games with the way I wrote about them as I know that the love/hate relationship of these games between Final Fantasy fans can get very dicey at times. It was not my intention and I understand that people have every right to either love or hate these games.****
X-2 was technically an amazing game. It has one of the best implementations of the job system in the entire series. It's summons, the general movement (despite still being turn based), and it's charlies angels mission style was great.

It's problem was it's story and characters. Yuna was absolutely nothing like the last game, she was a soft spoken, slefless character. And in this game she's a bouncy pop star who puts her desire for Tidus above everything else. Despite the fact that all the mysticism of the first game was beautifully ended in X (the ending was amazing), everything is reversed and ignored just so all the good elements of the last game can make an appearance.

And, hello!, she's a pop singer now. She wears all these poppy revealing clothes, and she sings throughout the game. This is a giant slice of j-pop fan service.

As a retired FFXI player, it's problem was that it was too slow and too reliant on other people. I'd be stuck waiting at Jeuno cave for hours fighting the same monsters over and over again, or looking for a full team. Blech.
Ironically FFXII actually suffered the opposite problem as FFXI. Most people on here talk about how FFXI suffered from being online. Well, FFXII was the perfect response to that, it was an online game, offline. It had large bustling cities, long landscapes to traverse, offered tons of mission side quests, and done away were random battles and turn based battles.

But the problem was that it was offline! Despite the annoyance of being too reliant on other people online, FFXII was boring without the company of other players. Traveling huge fields for a few hours was boring without other people always complaining to the WHM about not being fast enough, and the cutscenes were too far and few during those treks, and than getting way too long one you were in the cities.

The pacing was super poor. The world however, would have made a far better online world than Vanadiel (and whatever that new stupid name) was. The races were amazing, and the cities were soooo much more creative and varied.
I think the newer installments get hate simply because they're new. Five years from now XIII will most likely be considered gold. And more than half of the hating comes from the old hardcore FF fans; they were used to different battle systems, different overall gameplay, graphics, settings and all that shazam. Honestly, at first, I wouldn't be very pleased with the new games either. All you need to do is have an open mind. Be one of those gamers that are easily pleased. That way anything Squeenix throws at you is 'kay 'cause it's Final Fantasy you know. I for one like to admire Nomura's character designs regardless of the game's story gameplay, etc.
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I personally think the newer games are...well, the stories are getting out of hand. Too Fantasy-ish despite being FINAL FANTASY. I Liked the earlier games where things seemed more plausible such as 7 and 8.
But again, it's only my opinion
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But the BIGGEST problem people have with the newer instalments, whether they'll admit it or not, is that they're not the older games, or rather, they're not everyone's beloved, overrated VI.

You sure you meant VI? I would more place that as VII. I mean, I did like the game. It just wasn't as good as everyone says it was.

But anyway. X-2 was terrible. It was to Final Fantasy what Pocahontas 2 was to Disney--something that completely ruined the first one. To me, it was like they hadn't even bothered to hide the fact that they were making it for the fan girls and fan boys of the series. Girls because it was an all girl main cast, boys because of what those girls wore. There was more, of course, but that is the bottom line of it. They should have left Yuna and Tidus with their tragic ending. It was cute, it was different. That was what made it good!

I love XII. I'm not even going to lie, absolutely loved it. I liked the storyline, the world was just. . . AMAZING, and they pulled it all together well. I even liked the battle system. I loved that game.
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My only issue with X-2 is that it fixes X's sad ending. I don't like that.
People need to shut up about how "OMG GIRLY DRESSUP," though. It's basically just the job system from 3 and 5. neutral

I actually liked XIII (and XIII-2, for that matter). I get why people complain about the gameplay, but when they complain about the plot/characters, they either don't understand character development or are short-sighted and just looking for things to "justify" their hate.

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